Co-op News

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The Cooperative Development Foundation is raising funds to assist cooperative businesses damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

A Slice of New York is believed to be the first brick-and-mortar business in the county—out of more than 163,000—to turn its equity over to employees in a cooperative model.

The agreement provides sustainable business operations for Groundwork Books, the Food Co-op, the General Store Co-op and the Che Café Collective.

The demographics of a growing demand for elder care in America is raising alarms and the supply of home care workers is likely to fall short of demand. AARP and Capital Impact Partners work together to solve this problem by using the cooperative model. 

NCBA CLUSA is excited to bring together a broad spectrum of cooperative sectors to build on and amplify the economic impact co-ops have in the U.S. and internationally at the first-ever Cooperative IMPACT Conference this October.

CO-OP Financial Services announced it has secured 11 new large credit union agreements for its ATM and payments processing services, and now counts 23 of the 25 largest U.S. credit unions as clients.

NASCO is accepting applications for the position of Director of Education.

Calabasas will become the first city to join the Los Angeles County Community Choice Energy program. The L.A. County Board of Supervisors launched the energy buying co-op earlier this year that will offer businesses and residents an opportunity to pool their buying power and purchase electricity that comes from suppliers other than Southern California Edison.

A fairly new group has formed to promote and encourage fine wine production in the Garden State. It's called the New Jersey Winemakers Co-op.